About the company


Dmitri Bahvalov

We started ATCG Tõlkebüroo Translation Agency right in central Tallinn on 7 October 2011. It covers three basic areas encompassing both organisations and individuals:

  1. Translation of personal official documents, notarization and legalisation for employment in Estonia and other countries.
  2. Interpretation – interpreters accompany official delegations and support private events.
  3. Linguistic support of governmental bodies – projecting an ever better image of Estonia is a primary target of our agency which we strive to accomplish in conjunction with the authorities.

We shall keep you satisfied!


NB!!! You can find our agency in Tallinn right across from Viru Keskus Shopping Mall. You will be accorded a very warm welcome in our office which is why you are likely to come back again.ATCG Translation Agency is there for you! 


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