Art of Translation

Professional Translation may well be classified as arts since even software may translate words but only a true professional may create a coherent and correct text.

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Translations for Organisations

Not every translator can make a good job of a legal text. Any mistake that crept into a translated business plan, tax certificate, customs declaration or corporate charter may be critical. Hence, a translator is very much expected to be able to work with legal terms, know how to use it accurately and keep the …

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Cost of Translation

Professional translation may often be deemed as a piece of luxury affordable only for better-off people. As a matter of fact, the running costs per staff member are well ahead of the costs of applications filed with the agency.

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Importance of Interpretation!

The run-up to the negotiations with foreigners requires serious efforts indeed. And that is not only the venue, agenda or particular mentality of your foreign partner. It is misleading to think that there should be no fuss over an interpreter supporting the negotiations. That is, say, just let’s make sure he or she puts us …

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Challenges of Technical Translation

Technical translation is perhaps a most demanding job for the translator. Technical texts pre-suppose the knowledge of many specialized terms and lack of emotional accents whatsoever as well as a difficult vocabulary choice. Also, the translator is expected to create a text in a foreign language identical to the original, meeting the deadline of the …

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