What is Apostil?   

As you travel abroad on a business or study trip, we have to put together papers valid both for Estonia and other countries. Each document should be certified. To this end, an apostil is required.   
To make it plain and simple, the apostil is a stamp confirming the authenticity of a seal or an official’s signature, making the document legally valid. This makes it easier to certify documents. From time to time a consul is required to be involved to legalize a document. This comes where a country, for which the document is certified, is not party to the Hague Convention. 


Who is authorized to issue an apostil? 

Unfortunately few people know who and how issues an apostil. A notary officer can issue you an apostil and legalize your documents, if your documents were done in Estonia. Moreover, an apostil may be used to certify both the original and its notarized copies.   


What you have to do 

If you want your documents notarized and then apostilled, you will not have to do it on your own: the ATCG Agency in central Tallinn will always give you a helping hand. What you have to do is hand over your documents and pay beforehand as well as say when you want it ready. Then you will just have to collect the finalized document.   


What we have to do 

The ATCG Translation Agency does not only a high-calibre translation of your document but also makes it notarized and apostilled. If you need an urgent translation and document finalization, we shall always be happy to help you. 

Your documents and their copies will be notarized by our specialists at a surprising price.Notarized translation and apostil are not challenging any more!   


Our prices 

APOSTILLE, legalization50 EUR
Authentication of the translator’s signature 30 EUR
 Notary copy (1 page) 10 EUR
Translation bureau seal and stamp5   EUR
Document delivery in Tallinn50 EUR
Other works in 1 hour50 EUR


The services to support legalization include costs covering governmental duties, notarial fees, consular levies, as ordered by the customer. The costs of secretarial services needed to organize paperwork, lace, submit and return documents to the relevant authorities account for the difference between the costs of translation, payable as ordered and governmental duties, notarial fees, consular levies. 


Are you ready to translate with ATCG?

Most translation agencies are narrowly specialized. However, we do any translations however difficult, be it fiction, complicated technical text, formal correspondence. We linguistically support governmental bodies. We offer a Tallinn-unique service to our customers – our interpreters can support international negotiations and any other events involving simultaneous interpretation. We shall give you a helping hand with a foreign language in any area whatsoever.

Fast execution

It takes just a day to get your order done


We have an order tracker which is unique for Tallinn

Save time

Our translation is fast indeed

Quality of cooperation

Three quarters of our customers co-operate with us at all times and recommend our services to their colleagues and friends.