We offer you two types of interpretation.

Type One – simultaneous, when your foreign partner does not have to make interpretation breaks in his or her speech and the interpreter works in conjunction with him or her. Such translation goes through headphones and the expert stays in a special mike-installed room. Simultaneous translation is increasingly used in various conferences or research workshops.

Type Two – сonsequential. It is perfect for those cases where a dialogue is needed to speak with a foreigner. The speaker makes a pause as the expert interprets. The consequential interpretation is often part of private conversations. Its price depends on time spent with the Customer, that is, an hourly wage, and it is rounded up. But it does not have to do with the difficulty or amount of interpretation. 

You will entertain best translations and interpretations with our agency, the success of your talks is guaranteed! The high quality of work displayed by our interpreters makes them best in Tallinn.   

 Prices for interpretation

The price is indicated for 60 min of consecutive interpretation. Minimum order for a notary interpretation – 2 hours. minimum order for a consecutive interpretation – 3 hours. An interpreter is reserved in at least 2 days before the event. 

Source language/target languageNotarized interpretation RussianEstonian
Russian / Estonian 70 EUR    70 EUR    70 EUR   
English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian  100 EUR  100 EUR  100 EUR 
Lithuanian, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian 150 EUR  150 EUR  150 EUR 
Other languagesBy requestBy requestBy request


Isn’t it an important thing to say how meaningful any partner negotiations are for a business? The ATCG Translation Agency from Estonia will give you the best interpretation ever. Our customers are regular as they know we will never fail the quality of interpretation nor confidentiality. Our relations with the customer build on mutual trust. Our interpreters will not get your words warped as the talks go on, since we co-operate with high-calibre specialists who used to land quite a few successful contracts.

Are you ready to translate with ATCG?

Most translation agencies are narrowly specialized. However, we do any translations however difficult, be it fiction, complicated technical text, formal correspondence. We linguistically support governmental bodies. We offer a Tallinn-unique service to our customers – our interpreters can support international negotiations and any other events involving simultaneous interpretation. We shall give you a helping hand with a foreign language in any area whatsoever.

Fast execution

It takes just a day to get your order done


We have an order tracker which is unique for Tallinn

Save time

Our translation is fast indeed

Quality of cooperation

Three quarters of our customers co-operate with us at all times and recommend our services to their colleagues and friends.