Website translation


The most efficient way to make your company stand out prominently is a well-designed website. Clearly, business partners are more often now searched and found in the Internet, that is why the best way to make the contents of your website popular and understandable is to localize it.   

Why translate the website? Three reasons why:   

  1. The more people may take a look into your website, the more orders you win including from the international market.
  2. You will raise interest of the people who will shortly forge a partnership with you.
  3. You will have new opportunities opening up which have not been available before.

We are not lagging behind and offer you to contact the ATCG Translation Agency if you want your website open for the foreign partners. Lack of the language barrier not only helps your likely customers and partners find you, but also indicates how vibrant your business is. But localizing does not mean a mere translation of the website, such translation should reflect realities and traditions of the prospective foreign partners. Hence, you will be well-placed to describe benefits of your future joint work ahead. Thus, localization is not only translation but also editing the content of the website and initial testing of the result. 


What is a professional translation of the website? 

It is impossible to put together a professional translation of the website content without a command of Internet technologies and experience in the web resources. Apart from the translator, other professionals are involved too, designers, maker-ups and software programmers. When a single person does it all and an agency issues a translation, the result is often weak. As we localize the website, we keep to these rules: 

– The final text should mirror all parameters of the Customer’s text. 

– The entire terminology is kept in, no matter the ideology of the resource, be it legal matters or legal basis. 

– The website in terms of design and style is developed not only for the text but also for all sections of the website ranging from hyperlinks to captions. 

– The translated text is in line with the standard queries in the search engines which will make it easier for the foreigners to find your website. 

– The website will be initially tested before the launch in due course.

Prices for translation of website

The price is indicated for the translation of one page – 1600 symbols including spaces


Source language/target languageRussian Estonian
Russian, Estonian10 EUR10 EUR
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese15 EUR20 EUR
Lithuanian, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch25 EUR30 EUR
Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belorussian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Moldavian 25 EUR25 EUR
Kazakh, Georgian, Armenian, Azeri, Turkmen, Uzbek, Norwegian25 EUR30 EUR
Chinese, Japanese, Dari, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Korean, Vietnamese25 EUR30 EUR 


Are you ready to translate with ATCG?

Most translation agencies are narrowly specialized. However, we do any translations however difficult, be it fiction, complicated technical text, formal correspondence. We linguistically support governmental bodies. We offer a Tallinn-unique service to our customers – our interpreters can support international negotiations and any other events involving simultaneous interpretation. We shall give you a helping hand with a foreign language in any area whatsoever.

Fast execution

It takes just a day to get your order done


We have an order tracker which is unique for Tallinn

Save time

Our translation is fast indeed

Quality of cooperation

Three quarters of our customers co-operate with us at all times and recommend our services to their colleagues and friends.