Services and prices

Services and prices

Our services:

  • Notarized translations
  • Legalization services
  • Extra services
  • Translations by certified translators
  • Interpretation — Sequential Interpretation
  • Interpretation — Notarized Sequential Interpretation
  • Website Translation
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Technical terms, special phrases, 100 per cent accuracy are all qualities of technical translation if it is professional. Any mistake, even the most negligible ever, may seal the fate of an entire project, be it a drawing or operating manual. In such case the translator will need an extra qualification, lack of which will keep even a native speaker at bay. As you apply to the Tallinn office of ATCG you select a professional approach since each technical translator on our staff is an expert in his or her area.  

Technical translation may vary, depending on which area is covered by the original. Staff working on construction texts and those on information communications should be different, since each area has unique vocabulary which is inherent to it and commanded by our translators professionally.

You will never spot an error or mistake in our translations. And where a document contains pictures they will change accordingly in the proper place of the translation. Each document once it has gone through our preparations may be used as a counterpart of the original. Our experts are ready to deal with a text from whatever technical area.

All you need to do is to pop up to our office right across from Veru Keskus Shopping Mall and leave your documents, all the rest is what we do. We developed an order tracker to make sure your documents are intact and you will get them back safe and secure. We have installed a fireproof cabinet for your documents, to make them more secure we use security services and CCTV.  

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Prices for a written translation

The price is indicated for the translation of one page - 1600 symbols including spaces

Source language/target language Russian Estonian
Russian, Estonian 12 EUR 12 EUR
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese 15 EUR 30 EUR
Lithuanian, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch 25 EUR 30 EUR
Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belorussian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Moldavian 25 EUR 25 EUR
Kazakh, Georgian, Armenian, Azeri, Turkmen, Uzbek, Norwegian 25 EUR 30 EUR
Chinese, Japanese, Dari, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Korean, Vietnamese 25 EUR 30 EUR

Prices for a written translation of documents  SWARN TRANSLATION in Estonia

The price is indicated for the translation of one formal document, but not more than 1,600 symbols.

UPD 01/03/2020

Source / Target

Price Price + VAT
EST-RUS-EST 37,5€ 45,0€
EST-FIN-EST 46,0€ 55,2€
EST-UKR-EST 46,0€ 55,2€
EST/RUS-ENG-EST/RUS 54,0€ 64,8€
EST-ESP-EST 82,5€ 99,0€
EST-DE-EST 54,0€ 64,8€
RUS-DE-RUS 75,0€ 90,0€
EST-FRA-EST 46,0€ 55,2€
EST-SWE-EST 54,0€ 64,8€
EST/RUS-CZ-EST/RUS 54,0€ 64,8€
EST-LAT/LIT-EST 54,0€ 64,8€
EST-POL-EST 54,0€ 64,8€

Additional services

Service Price
APOSTILLE, legalization 50 EUR
Authentication of the translator's signature 30 EUR
 Notary copy (1 page)  10 EUR
Translation bureau seal and stamp 5   EUR
Document delivery in Tallinn 50 EUR
Other works in 1 hour 50 EUR

The services to support legalization include costs covering governmental duties, notarial fees, consular levies, as ordered by the customer. The costs of secretarial services needed to organize paperwork, lace, submit and return documents to the relevant authorities account for the difference between the costs of translation, payable as ordered and governmental duties, notarial fees, consular levies.


The price is indicated for 60 min of consecutive interpretation. Minimum order for a notary interpretation - 2 hours. minimum order for a consecutive interpretation - 3 hours. An interpreter is reserved in at least 2 days before the event.

Source language/target language Notarized interpretation Russian Estonian
Russian / Estonian  70 EUR  
 70 EUR  
 70 EUR  
English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian  100 EUR   100 EUR   100 EUR 
Lithuanian, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian  150 EUR   150 EUR   150 EUR 
Other languages By request By request By request

Sworn translators

Translation is carried out only from Estonian and into Estonian. The price includes an official certification of the document. The price is indicated for the translation of one formal document, but not more than 1,600 symbols.

Sworn translators Price 
Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, French, Swedish 59 EUR

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