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Notarial translation

A notarized translation is usually needed to be conveyed to the authorities. Importantly enough, ready documents should be valid. Usually, such documents are issued for the migration divisions and registry offices. 

When you need to get a valid translation, you will have to apply to the Tallinn-based ATCG Translation Agency. As long as they have worked with us, none of the institutions will reject your documents.

To get such a translation is easy, you will require the original document and a quality copy. After a notarial translator makes a translation and attests it with his or her signature, we shall notarize the translation and its copies. The only thing we need from you is to collect the ready document.

We can translate and finalize the following documents for you:

  1. 1marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates and other documents issued by registry offices;
  2. 2constituent instruments, agreements, accounting reports and other documents done at companies;
  3. 3work records, departure sheets, certificates;
  4. 4letters of attorney, wills, parental consents for a travel of a minor child;
  5. 5diplomas, certificates;
  6. 6passports, driving licences;
  7. 7other documents. 

 Our prices 

upd 01/03/2020

Source / Target

Price Price + VAT
EST-RUS-EST 37,5€ 45,0€
EST-FIN-EST 46,0€ 55,2€
EST-UKR-EST 46,0€ 55,2€
EST/RUS-ENG-EST/RUS 54,0€ 64,8€
EST-ESP-EST 82,5€ 99,0€
EST-DE-EST 54,0€ 64,8€
RUS-DE-RUS 75,0€ 90,0€
EST-FRA-EST 46,0€ 55,2€
EST-SWE-EST 54,0€ 64,8€
EST/RUS-CZ-EST/RUS 54,0€ 64,8€
EST-LAT/LIT-EST 54,0€ 64,8€
EST-POL-EST 54,0€ 64,8€

Service Price
APOSTILLE, legalization 50 EUR
Authentication of the translator's signature 30 EUR
 Notary copy (1 page)  10 EUR
Translation bureau seal and stamp 5   EUR
Document delivery in Tallinn 50 EUR
Other works in 1 hour 50 EUR

The services to support legalization include costs covering governmental duties, notarial fees, consular levies, as ordered by the customer. The costs of secretarial services needed to organize paperwork, lace, submit and return documents to the relevant authorities account for the difference between the costs of translation, payable as ordered and governmental duties, notarial fees, consular levies.

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