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The LOS JURADOS Sworn Translation Centre in Tallinn offers professional sworn translations into Spanish remotely. Our company specialises in translating documents. We offer:

Sworn translation from Russian and Estonian to Spanish in Tallinn

In most situations, a sworn translation is required to apply to consulates, Spanish banks and public authorities. It is considered official, with all the principles of legal wording being strictly adhered to. A sworn translation is prepared for the following purposes:
  • Registration of residence permits, permanent residence permits in Spain, applications for Spanish citizenship;
  • applying to Spanish banks for a loan, a mortgage;
  • processing real estate sales and purchases;
  • company registration in Spain, business expansion, relocation;
  • registration of a marriage in Spain;
filing documents for other needs with the Spanish public authorities. The jurado is translated by a sworn translator. Such a professional, after having obtained linguistic higher education, has the right to work with legal texts by a series of tests. For each language pair, your status must be confirmed — then the professional is included in the register of sworn translators in Spain. It is regularly updated and publicly available. The LOS JURADOS Sworn Translation Centre offers translations by legally certified translators. The text on each page shall be certified by the signature of a sworn translator (indicating their number from the register). A copy of the original is enclosed. Send the original remittance by express post to Tallinn.

Advantages of the LOS JURADOS translation agency include:

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Most translation agencies are narrowly specialized. However, we do any translations however difficult, be it fiction, complicated technical text, formal correspondence. We linguistically support governmental bodies. We offer a Tallinn-unique service to our customers – our interpreters can support international negotiations and any other events involving simultaneous interpretation. We shall give you a helping hand with a foreign language in any area whatsoever.

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